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Laschelle, Client

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Linda, Virtual Client

 Tameka, Client

Carmen, Client

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Sasha, Client

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Nicolle, Client

I met Tee Yasmeen at LA Fitness in Austell, GA taking her Body Works class. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into but the class was amazing and so was she. She made sure you were doing all the exercises correctly. I built a great rapport with her and in August 2019 I started training with her. I weighed 254lbs (wow) the heaviest I’ve ever been. I trained with Tee in a group setting until the Pandemic and then I continued to workout with her virtually. I am down 38 lbs! Tee will push because she knows you can do it and she will jump in and workout with you to help get to the end. I Love this girl! If you are looking for a GREAT trainer Tee Yasmeen is your girl!!!

If you need someone who’s going to push you towards your goals, Tee Yasmeen is the person for you! She has pushed, challenged, encouraged and supported me during my journey! I highly recommend her! She is AMAZING and if you stick with her and listen to her coaching, you will see results! She sets realistic goals and helps you to get there in a timely manner. I absolutely love her as my trainer... she will get you to your goals!

Tee, I’ve taken several classes from you ranging from Zumba to strength training to personal dance lessons for my birthday celebration. Regardless of the capacity, your training is intense, fun, versatile, and keeps my limbs flexible. Before coming to you, I had back pain, sciatica pain, and limited mobility in my lower half. Because you focus on isolation of our hips and we rotate our waistlines in all our movements, my back muscles are stronger which reduces the pain. Am I sore after your workouts? Yes, but the soreness is not from injury but rather from whipping my muscles into shape. No matter the class or type of training I receive from you, I leave your class feeling like I put in Work!! Thank you for transforming my body!!

High energy, fun & intense! I love working out with Tee! Her dance classes are fun and creative! You will want to match her high energy level. The HIIT classes add variety and intensity and you will definitely feel the burn. The personal training is intense, but it works and she works with your level with a gentle push to reach new levels. You are going to love it!!

I learned about Tee Yasmeen through a friend who re-posted her workouts. I watched and thought, "Wow, she has so much energy. I want to workout and have fun like her." Her workouts are easy to follow with great music. I joined one of the Biggest Loser challenges and lost 5 lbs...something I was not able to do on my own. Her workouts work every muscle in your body, makes you sweat, and builds your endurance. I highly recommend trying her workout videos. She offers so much on her FB page and it's obvious that she is dedicated to her craft.

I have had the pleasure of training and taking her Zumba class. And love her and her training abilities. Very professional and knowledgeable. To her dancing ability wow she is major, so if your up for it you will get a workout. 5 all the way around

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If you are looking to feel supported while making real changes to your body and mind Tee is the trainer for you! I started off doing her free workouts online and with such positive energy and attitude towards body movement and change, I knew she was the trainer for me. I am 4 weeks into personal training with Tee and I already see and feel positive difference in what my body can do. I look forward to continued work with Tee and am grateful I made the investment. So if you are looking for personal trainer no need to look further.

Tee is an excellent trainer. You want to do the work out even though you’re very tired. She gives her time to everyone and challenges you. She inspires you to be fit and healthy. You need to check her out, because she’s an excellent trainer and wonderful person. I’m glad to know her and work out with her. Believe me you will not be disappointed.

Tee's energy, along with her music and her classes, have kept me from falling victim to the "COVID 19" (as in POUNDS). I fell in love with her cardio dance classes, but, once she introduced me to her cardio kickboxing?? I WAS HOOKED. Having always had a love/hate relationship with exercise, I've never looked forward to a work out. But, when the stress of the pandemic and the aftermath of George Floyd's murder just became too much to bear, Tee's classes were good for my body AND my mind. I'm so happy that I found her, and thank her for all she does to keep us healthy!

I began taking Tee’s online classes about a month after we went on quarantine. I’m so happy that I was introduced to her. She challenges me virtually and I look forward to her classes. I person who requires discipline and accountability when it comes to exercise her classes are so motivating that when I see a reminder a rush to complete what I’m doing so I can join class. As a dancer by nature I don’t necessarily like exercise but Tee’s strength training, cardio, kickboxing and the inclusion of dance moves has my body and mind feeling healthier and stronger.

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